Bridging Academia and Career: CCPD and English Department Collaboration

This winter, Ryan Fong, Associate Professor of English contacted the CCPD to collaborate with him for the English Department’s “Introduction to Literary Theory and Research Methods” class.  The partnership aimed to harmonize academic exploration with career readiness, empowering students to seamlessly connect their intellectual pursuits with their professional aspirations.

An assignment, titled “Educational Design,” guided students through five prompts, fostering self-reflection, academic exploration, and future career planning. From pondering big questions to mapping out a comprehensive academic and professional plan, students navigated the intersection of knowledge and career preparedness.

Students explored their major, minor, or concentration in response to prompt three, linking academic pursuits to overarching questions and dreams. By delving into the Kalamazoo College catalog, they identified relevant courses and articulated the cohesive nature of their chosen academic path.

Prompt four challenged students to create a tentative plan encompassing their major, minor, language classes, Shared Passages seminars, and courses from various academic divisions. This plan aimed to provide a well-rounded liberal arts education, aligning with the college’s commitment to versatile thinking.

The final prompt involved a crucial meeting with CCPD Career Coaches, propelling students from academia to the professional realm. Post-meeting, students reflected on the plans to develop professional skills and gain valuable work experience during their time at Kalamazoo College.

“These assignments are really trying to help our students feel empowered to craft their education in meaningful ways and to show them the value of gaining the broad perspectives and knowledges that are the hallmark of the liberal arts,” said Fong. His course development and partnership with the CCPD exemplifies Kalamazoo College’s commitment to career readiness. By integrating academic exploration with career preparation, students embark on a journey of self-discovery, equipped with the tools for a seamless transition into their professional lives after graduation.

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  1. This is excellent. As an English major (from long ago), I would very much have appreciated this thoughtful approach to career development when the career path for an English major is so varied and non-specific. This type of collaboration would be especially useful in the humanities where career paths are wide open, but not always obvious.

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