Earn Credit for Summer Internship 

The CCPD is collaborating with faculty to pilot a course series for students to earn credit for their summer internship. Marin Heinritz, Associate Professor of English, and Valerie Miller, Director for the Center for Career and Professional Development, are developing a two-course sequence and an asynchronous summer module that provides students with tools and activities to prepare for, take advantage of, and reflect on their summer internship experience.  

To earn 1 unit of credit for their internship, students need to: 

  • Complete the Pre-Internship Course (IDSY 295) in Spring 2024 
  • Complete a 240-hour Summer Internship and Summer Course Module  
  • Complete the Post-Internship Course in Spring 2025 

The Pre-Internship Course (IDSY 295) will be taught Tuesdays from 12-1pm during Spring 2024 and will include reading assignments, discussions, and a series of exercises and reflections to prepare students for their summer internship. Students earn .2 units for this course. 

Students in the Pre-Internship Course will be automatically enrolled in the Summer Module. In addition to working a minimum of 240 hours in their approved internship, students will complete regular structured reflection writing assignments about their internship experience. Students do not pay tuition or earn credit for the Summer Module on its own. 

Students who have completed the Pre-Internship Course and the Summer Module may then enroll in the Post-Internship Course to earn credit for their summer internship. This course will provide an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of the connection between their academic coursework and their internship experience and make plans for their next steps in their work and academic life. Students earn .8 units for this course (.6 units for the internship and summer module, and .2 units for the post-internship coursework) for a total of 1 unit of credit in conjunction with completion of the pre-internship course 

If you are interested in earning credit for your 2024 Summer Internship, register for IDSY 295 (Pre-Internship Course) today!   

If you have questions, please contact Valerie Miller at vmiller@kzoo.edu

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