Unlocking Career Opportunities: K College’s Exclusive Chicago Externship Program June 12-14, 2024

Are you a first-year or sophomore student at K, eagerly exploring potential career paths? Look no further! K College is thrilled to introduce an exclusive opportunity for students of any major or intended major to dive into the professional world through the Chicago Externship Program. This program not only offers a unique chance to shadow professionals but also provides an immersive experience in the vibrant Windy City.

Who Should Apply: If you’re a first-year or sophomore student at K College, regardless of your major or intended major, this program is tailor-made for you. Whether you have a clear career goal or are still exploring your options, the Chicago Externship Program welcomes all enthusiastic students ready to embark on a transformative journey.

What’s In Store for Selected Student Externs: Those selected for the program will enjoy a host of benefits, including transportation, lodging, and meals throughout the duration of the externship. This is not just an opportunity to observe professionals in action; it’s a chance to gain firsthand experience of daily work life and industry challenges in a field of interest.

Networking Opportunities: One of the highlights of the Chicago Externship Program is the chance to connect with accomplished K alumni during an exclusive networking reception. Imagine the valuable insights and advice you could gain from those who have walked the same halls and faced similar career choices. This is more than just an externship; it’s a gateway to expanding your professional network and building lasting connections.

Beyond “Career”: Aside from the career exploration aspects of this trip, participants will also get a taste of Chicago. From its iconic architecture to its rich culinary scene, the Windy City has something for everyone. This externship isn’t just about your career; it’s about broadening your horizons and gaining a taste of the variety beyond the classroom.

How to Apply: The application process is simple and straightforward. No prior experience is necessary, and there are no essays to stress over. Just complete the online application before the midnight deadline on Tuesday, March 12. Take the first step toward unlocking exciting career possibilities and apply now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the schedule? June 12-14, 8AM-8PM. The tentative schedule will involve two half-day and one full-day job shadows, along with a student/alumni networking reception and evening activities.
  • When will we find out if we are selected? Applications are due by Tuesday, March 12. At that time, we will review applicants for selection, which is mainly about making sure there is an alum that is a good match for the job shadow. We are continuing to recruit alumni now based on applicants’ interests. You should know if you were selected by the end of March at the latest.
  • What all is covered? We’re riding a bus to Chicago and back, and all of the transportation costs to and from the job shadow site will also be covered by the program. Students should not have to pay for anything unless they want to do something on their free time (there isn’t a ton of free time, but some may choose to explore after dinners).

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