Finding Mentors

Mentoring is a partnership that enables a student (“mentee”) to learn and seek guidance from a more experienced person (“mentor”) who can pass on relevant knowledge, experience, and connections. A mentor can be anyone in your network who takes a particular interest in you and your career interests. 

Mentors sometimes commit to working with you for a specified period time to accomplish specific goals related to your professional development. In flash mentoring, a mentor commits to just a one-time meeting or discussion that enhances your understanding of the mentor’s career field.

Why do I need mentors?

In addition to the one-on-one coaching you get from the CCPD, mentors can offer you specific advice on internships, careers, business etiquette, networking, resumes, and interviewing from the perspective of someone already in your field of interest. 

How do I find mentors?

You’ll want to identify professionals who have successfully navigated college and careers in your field of interest.  You might find mentors within your existing professional network, and you can develop new relationships using LinkedIn.

Remember to be professional and respectful when contacting K alumni.

Mentors are not official representatives of Kalamazoo College. Make sure to exercise care and be an educated consumer of information.