Don’t be the Person Who Throws Away Free Money During a Pandemic

Back in the before times, when you used to be able to give people hugs, go out to the movies, grab a bite to eat with friends, or just be within 6 feet of other humans without feeling the need to immediately hop into a Purell shower, the CCPD used to have a fund that […]

BLM – CCPD Spring Update

Black Lives Matter.  The CCPD acknowledges that individualistic and systemic racism continues to be pervasive in the United States and around the world, and stands in solidarity with those that are fighting for basic human dignity. Our previous announcements reported on the work we had completed at that time. This announcement serves as a Spring 2021 update. […]

Serving Our Seniors

We hear you. And we’re still listening. Amidst this slowly-waning pandemic, the CCPD is taking a targeted approach to offer career guidance and support to graduating seniors. We launched the annual First-Destination Survey two months earlier than usual. As you complete the survey, we are responding to each one of you that is “still seeking” […]

Spring Term Letter from the Director

Welcome to Spring Term! In the latest installment of my quarterly letter from the director, I wish to share three things with you: hope, insight, and a call to action. First off, I am hopeful. More hopeful than perhaps I’ve been since the pandemic began. I’m hopeful because a mass vaccination plan is in the […]

Beware of Job Scams

by Valerie Miller According to the BBB’s 2020 Employment Scams Report, victims found these jobs on Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ziprecruiter, Craigslist, and other sites, and the median reported loss was $1000. The most common duties in these job descriptions include:  Reshipping of packages  Envelope stuffing  Product assembly Mystery shopping And, these are only a few […]

Spring Clean Your Social Media Life: This Is The Way

It’s safe to say that since The Mandalorian busted on the scene in late 2019, most of us have been a little obsessed with it. Over the past year and change The Child has been a cultural nexus. Appearing in memes, music, gifs, toys, and clothing items, he has been a much-needed distraction and source […]

edX Trial Subscription Offered to K Students

Interested in exploring some of the career development tools that edX offers? K now has a trial subscription available to students at If you are new to edX, they recommend viewing the welcome video from their CEO Anant Agarwal. You can also take DemoX, a fun and interactive course designed to help you explore […]

Job/Internship Fairs Held Virtually This February

Save the date for three upcoming Winter job/internship fairs at WMU. K partners with WMU on these events, so students are highly encouraged to attend. Typically these fairs are the largest local recruiting events of the year for college students. This year they will be held virtually due to COVID-19. WMU Science, Technology, Engineering, and […]