Updates to On-Campus Employment – Frequently Asked Questions

As a follow-up to the Hornet Hive announcement sent on 9/12, here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding updates to On-Campus Employment.


  • What will the wage increase amount be?
Year of K employmentNon-diningDining
  • Why is the College increasing student wages?
    • Because the College values the student employment experience and wants to make working on campus accessible to more students, K has reallocated resources to fund this priority, an investment totaling nearly $104,000 for the academic year. 
  • Why should I choose on-campus employment versus off-campus work?
    • It’s hard to beat on-campus employment for the convenience—you’re only a short walk away from classes and residence halls. 
    • Your supervisor will understand your life as a K student and can help you balance your work schedule with classes and extra-curriculars. 
    • You’ll form meaningful relationships with students, faculty and staff. Your K supervisors and colleagues care about your success and may be able to serve as references in the future. 
    • On-campus employment can expose you to a variety of work environments, work styles, and new job skills—all of which will help prepare you for a future career, even if your campus job is not related to your field of study.
  • Who is eligible for this wage increase?
    • Any student who worked an on-campus job in a previous academic year will receive the wage increase
  • Will I still be eligible for the same number of hours?
    • All students eligible for Federal Work-Study funding may work up to 15 hours per week, for a total of 30 hours per pay period.
  • Is this pay increase incumbent upon my previous work performance?
    • As long as you are hired into an on-campus role this year and you were employed on campus during a previous academic year, that is the only requirement for this wage increase. Your work performance will be monitored by your supervisor, and your continued employment is at their discretion.
  • How long will the wage increase last?
    • This is a temporary wage increase in response to student feedback that on-campus wages are not comparable to off-campus wages. The pilot will start on the September 13, 2022 pay date and continue through June 20, 2023. 
  • Why is this a temporary initiative?
    • The College wanted to be as immediately responsive as possible to the concerns expressed in the student employment survey that was administered last year, so a temporary wage increase has been instituted while a campus working group takes time to complete a student job audit. Regardless of how this pilot goes, your on-campus employment wage rate will never decrease.
  • What is the long-term goal of this initiative?
    • Data gathered from the audit will inform the creation of a graduated pay scale which will take into account the level of responsibility, after-hours work, and health/safety risks associated with each role. 
    • Many other colleges and corporations employ graduated pay scales, so emulating that approach helps prepare you for life beyond K.
  • What is SkillSurvey?
    • SkillSurvey is an online evaluation tool designed to help you assess the skills you gain from working on campus. During the year, you will receive a link to take the assessment and your responses will be shared with your supervisor. Your supervisor will also complete a similar assessment of your work performance; these two assessments can help you identify work-related strengths and areas for improvement.  


  • How will this increase impact my departmental budget?
    • The Office of Human Resources will reach out to you to discuss your student employment budget and how this change will impact it.
  • Do I need to provide a list of my returning student employees to HR?
    • No. Human Resources and Information Services already has this information and that will be used to determine eligible student employees.
  • What if a student only worked one quarter last year – are they still eligible for this increase?
    • Any student who worked an on-campus job during a previous academic year (whether in your department or elsewhere) will receive the wage increase.
  • What if I terminated a student employee. Are they still eligible?
    • Please reach out to Crimson Johnson in Human Resources should you have specific questions about a former student employee.
  • Am I required to use SkillSurvey?
    • In last year’s student employment survey, respondents expressed a desire for more formalized performance feedback from their supervisors. As such, the College entered into a contract with the SkillSurvey platform to provide a user-friendly tool that would increase career readiness for students and help supervisors to infuse intentional assessment into their work. Use of the platform is not required, but highly encouraged.
  • Where can I learn more about the implementation plan for Skill Survey?
    • All supervisors will receive an invitation to learn more about Skill Survey, but in the meantime, if you have specific questions about it, please contact Keri Bol.