Step-by-step Search

To make your job/internship search less daunting, here are some helpful steps.

  1. Make a wish list. Figure out the fields of interest and types of positions you will pursue in your search. What internships or jobs have you always dreamed of doing?
  2. Set your geographic range. Define the region(s) you are willing to move to in order to obtain a position.
  3. Know your search tools and techniques. Update your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles and use the sites to search for opportunities. Create a list of websites to check daily for openings. Make sure you’re aware of deadlines and program requirements for the CCPD-IP and DEP summer programs. Update your network, and ensure that everyone you know knows you are searching.
  4. Build relationships. It has been said that up to 80% of opportunities are never posted. Set up Career Conversations with professionals in fields and at employers of interest to learn about the industry, build your network, and get informed about new opportunities.
  5. Start the paperwork. Resumes and cover letters are all a part of the job search. Tailor your documents for each application. 
  6. Do your homework. Learn as much as you can about what an organization does and how. Consult various sources, including the company’s website and news articles related to the industry.
  7. Get organized. Track contacts you make and receive during your search.
  8. Gather information and expand your knowledge by talking to industry professionals and alumni through the Kalamazoo College Professional Networking Group. Fine-tune your interviewing skills. Even if you have been successful in interviewing for college admission and summer jobs, practice, practice, practice!
  9. Attend Job Fairs.
  10. Follow-upAlways write thank you notes after a contact is made, especially personal visits and telephone contacts with valuable dialogue.