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There are thousands of internships out there, paid and unpaid, domestic and international, in every field you can imagine.  Here’s how to start your search.

1) Understand K’s resources

  1. Handshake lists many paid and unpaid internships. Click on “Jobs & Internships,” then select “Internship” under Job Type to narrow your search.
  2. Alumni may offer special assistance or advice to K students applying for internships. They may be willing to meet with you once you are on-site as an intern, or they may simply want to ensure that you know about the unique opportunities available where they work. Whatever the level of involvement, having a successful K graduate or friend of the College in your court can increase your chances of securing and succeeding in an internship. 
  3. Community Building Internships (available to first-gen and high-need students) spring from the College’s relationships with community partners through the Center for Civic Engagement. 

2) Consider your goals and objectives:

  1. What type of professional talents would you like to develop or deepen?
  2. What academic theories would you like to test in the “real world?”
  3. Where geographically would you like to be this summer?
  4. Would you prefer to be in a larger organization (500+ employees) or a much smaller setting (25 or fewer employees)?
  5. Would you prefer to be in the private sector, a non-profit, or the government?
  6. What type of work would you like to do? Do you think you would enjoy working for an organization that advocates around a cause (such as environmental activism or human rights) or a service-based organization (such as health care or education) or technology (such as internet-based communication or a high-tech startup)? Or would you rather be in the private sector focusing on organizational management, such as strategic planning, financial analysis, or human resources?
  7. Will you need funding? Some internships are paid; others are not.

3) Follow this Step-by-step Search process.

If you’re still not sure of where to begin, that’s okay! Make an appointment with a career coach who can help.