Share SIP Opportunities for Students

Do you have an idea for a project at your organization that would make an excellent Senior Individualized Project? Is there research that you’ve wanted to conduct but haven’t had the time? Are you interested in providing mentorship to a student as they develop and complete their SIP?

If so, we’d like to post these ideas to share with students!

You do not have to have the details of the project fleshed out to post an idea. Students likely will want to work with you to develop projects that both serve your needs and provide the student with the learning opportunity that they seek. You can post one specific project or a series of ideas for projects that may interest students.

As a reminder, in general, SIPs take the following forms:

  • Research thesis or reading project culminating in review paper
  • Internship with a paper relating theory to practice
  • Laboratory or field research with a paper
  • Translation with appropriate explanation
  • Creative work culminating in an exhibition, performance, and/or written work

For more information about what constitutes a SIP, please refer to the Senior Individualized Project page of the catalog.

Share an idea for a SIP project:

There are two ways to share a SIP project or idea with us:

  1. Complete this short form about your opportunity, and the CCPD will contact you with a few follow up questions before posting it in Handshake.
  2. Email us at to begin the process.

Have further questions?  Email Valerie Miller at If you don’t have any projects in mind, but are willing to be contacted by students to discuss SIP ideas or to mentor students, be sure to join Wisr, the Kalamazoo College Career Mentoring Network.