Professional Dress

Our sincere hope is that all students feel welcome at CCPD events. Suggestions for dress are offered as guidelines, none are required.

For interviews, it is best to dress conservatively, regardless of position or industry. Stand out by presenting your skills, not by your choice of outfit. If you aren’t sure what is appropriate, an alum who works in the industry can be an excellent person to ask!

What does it mean to dress “professionally”? Typically this means:

  • A business suit in dark colors – suits include jacket and pants/skirt made together (not a blazer and pants)
  • Shirts/ties kept modest
  • Dark, freshly-shined shoes, heel height moderate and comfortable
  • If wearing a skirt, hemline close to knee
  • Nylons (without patterns) with a skirt, or dark socks that cover calves with pants
  • Minimal jewelry
  • Well-manicured nails, polish limited to none or clear
  • If make-up is worn, apply lightly
  • Hair out of eyes or pulled back, facial hair very neatly kempt
  • Perfumes/colognes used sparingly

Business professional typically refers to the bulleted list above, while business casual typically refers to blazer/pants combinations, nice slacks, cardigans, or casual dresses/skirts. Many ideas can be found online. We happen to like this school’s infographic. If you are concerned about dress for a particular event, please do not hesitate to reach out to the CCPD with questions.