Internship Referrals

Alumni and Friends Share Information about Summer Opportunities

Are you a graduate or friend of Kalamazoo College seeking to draw attention to a summer internship in your workplace? Can you offer special assistance or advice to K students applying for such an internship? Do you have information about a summer internship that would be a great fit for a K student?

If so, we’d like to hear from you!

There are two basic ways to spread the word:

  1. If you have general information about an internship program or opportunity, the CCPD can share it via Facebook and Twitter.
  2. If you have the particulars of a specific internship posting, including application deadline, start/stop dates, and application process, we can list it in our online job/internship database.

In addition to providing the information necessary for a student to apply, an internship posting in Handshake allows alumni and others to offer assistance in a number of ways:

  • You can allow students to contact you for additional information and advice about applying for the internship you have referred. For example, you might offer suggestions up front on how to craft a cover letter that highlights skills you know your company is seeking. 
  • You can offer to review students’ application materials before submission to the internship you have referred.
  • You can offer to advocate on behalf of students’ applications to the internship you have referred (for example, you might forward a copy of a student’s completed application to the relevant person on your HR team with a note encouraging its careful consideration).
  • You can offer to meet with selected interns during the summer while they are working at your place of employment.
  • You can simply alert students to great opportunities available in a company where you have used your K education to good advantage.

All of these “extras” can be included in the “other important information” field in the internship posting.

Sharing Your Contact Information

Alumni who share information about an internship have the option of including your contact information so that interested students can learn more directly from you. In the case of a general announcement about an internship (i.e. “Alumnus Harry Hornet ’59 encourages students to investigate the great summer opportunities at XYZ Co. at this website”), your information could appear on the social media platform being used to share your referral. In the case of a specific internship posting in Handshake, the contact information you provide would only be visible to students who log in to the password-protected system.  

Posting a Summer Internship

There are three ways to share information about a summer internship:

  1. Log into Handshake and directly post the internship yourself.
  2. Email us at CCPD and provide a link to your pre-existing online internship posting or attach an electronic file.

To learn more about Handshake, visit posting an opportunity.

If you need further assistance to determine if Kalamazoo College is a likely source for qualified candidates, or to refer a specific summer internship opportunity, please call Richard Sylvester at 269.337.7183 or email CCPD.