Job and Internship Referrals

Do you know of an internship or an entry-level job opportunity that you think would be ideal for a K student?  If so, please let us know! 

Share a job or internship opportunity:

There are two ways you can share an opportunity with us:

  • If you have a URL for this opportunity, complete a short form:
  • Email us at and provide a link to your pre-existing internship or job posting or attach an electronic file. 

If you are a recruiter for your company/organization, you can post opportunities directly to Handshake, our jobs database. For more information, please visit posting an opportunity

Help us market the opportunity to students:

As an alum, you can help us market this opportunity to students:

  • Tell us more about why you like working for your organization.
  • Tell us why you think a K student would be an excellent candidate for this role or this company.
  • Share a photo to accompany this information or a link to your LinkedIn or company profile.

We’ll share this information in our social media and email promotions.

Assist students who are interested in applying:

You also can assist the students who are interested in applying. 

if you’re interested in any of the following, please email us at

  • Recruit K students and collect student applications directly through the Handshake platform if you are the hiring manager for a role.
  • Provide additional information and advice for applying to this opportunity by allowing students to contact you. For example, you might offer suggestions up front on how to craft a cover letter that highlights skills you know your company is seeking. 
  • Review students’ application materials before submission to the opportunity you have referred.
  • Advocate on behalf of students’ applications to the opportunity you have referred (for example, you might forward a copy of a student’s completed application to the relevant person on your HR team with a note encouraging its careful consideration).

Have further questions?  Please contact us at or 269.337.7183.