A message from the CCPD during uncertain times.

Good morning,

I’m writing to you this morning from my basement bunker, hiding from my small children. I want you to know that the CCPD is not going anywhere. We are here for you, just as we’ve always been. And we have more digital content we’re developing each day.

But more important than any checklist or Zoom call or resume review, we want to ask you to be gentle with yourselves, and give each other grace. This is an overwhelming time for all of us, and so many questions remain, including what kind of an impact this is going to have on the workforce. Sometimes you are going to have bursts of energy and get in your flow, working really hard. Sometimes you’ll feel like I did yesterday, a little worn out, lost, and distracted. Some of you are trying to study at home surrounded by younger siblings. Some of us are working at home with kids that can’t go to school either. Some of you are in a place that feels too quiet right now and you long for human connection. Some are worried about things much bigger than “career”, and others want to get down to business immediately. You may waver in and out through these states. Whatever your reality, we hope you’ll honor it.

Do what you can, when you can, with what you have. We are here to support you through this next chapter. Know that you and your thoughts/ideas are valued and appreciated as we navigate this process together.

We are working on new ways to serve you during these times— stay tuned for those updates as they come. For now, know that career coaching appointments are available via Handshake, and we look forward to talking with you soon. Follow us on Instagram (@kzooccpd) and Facebook for daily motivation, tips, to-do’s, and more as we work together to Design Your New Normal.

Rachel (on behalf of the CCPD)