BLM – CCPD Spring Update

Black Lives Matter. 

The CCPD acknowledges that individualistic and systemic racism continues to be pervasive in the United States and around the world, and stands in solidarity with those that are fighting for basic human dignity. Our previous announcements reported on the work we had completed at that time. This announcement serves as a Spring 2021 update. Our work is ongoing.

Actions Completed:

Data Analysis and the Creation of SMART Goals:

Staff Professional Development:

As of the end of this academic year, all of our staff have participated in at least one College-sponsored training experience focused on equity and inclusion: ERAC/CE, Justice at Work, etc.

Work In Progress:

Employer Engagement:

The CCPD is developing a DEI scorecard based on the ARGE Anti-Racism and Gender Equality (ARGE) Scorecard developed by Roderick Lewis of UNC Chapel Hill to evaluate our top employers. The scorecard will be used to assess employers’ transparency of their data around various indicators of diversity, equity and inclusion. Employers will be assessed on the following dimensions based on publicly available data: Management & Leadership Demographics, Employee Workforce Demographics, Onboarding Strategy, Career Pathing Programs, Employee Engagement & Well-Being, DEI Accountability & Training, Recruitment Strategy. Once this initial evaluation is complete, the scorecard will be expanded to include additional indicators. A final review will consider if/what employers are doing to address inequities in the organization.  The information gathered will be used to inform our employer engagement efforts moving forward. 

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