Serving Our Seniors

We hear you. And we’re still listening. Amidst this slowly-waning pandemic, the CCPD is taking a targeted approach to offer career guidance and support to graduating seniors. We launched the annual First-Destination Survey two months earlier than usual. As you complete the survey, we are responding to each one of you that is “still seeking” with tailored outreach. Our goal is to connect with 100% of the graduating class. 8th Week will be Senior Week at the CCPD. During that week, 50+ Alumni have signed up for Hornet Huddles, opportunities for 1:1 appointments between you and an alum in your field(s) of interest. You’ll start to see appointment availability for these Huddles in Handshake beginning in Week 4. Who are these 50+ alumni? Check out the full spreadsheet on the Senior Class Team. A 20-minute appointment with an alum (or two, or more) could literally change your life. They get it. They’re amazing. And they’re here just for you. Senior Week will also see career coaching appointments ONLY available for seniors, so you’re likely to get a spot that fits into your schedule. We’ll also be holding extra drop-in office hours just for seniors that week on MS Teams (noon-1PM). And, we will be sharing targeted senior content via the Senior Class Team, email, and social media. We also have our regularly available 24/7 resources like Handshake (job postings, career fairs, events), VMock (artificially intelligent resume reviewing platform), Big Interview (interviewing preparation platform), and assessments related to interests, values, and strengths. In addition to our weekly drop-in hours with CCPD staff, we have senior-focused 1:1 appointments with career coaches available in Handshake. It’s certainly not profound to state that your upcoming transition from student to alum (including determining your next steps) is hard. And yet, here you are. You, members of the Class of 2021, have had a truly incredible set of extra challenges thrown your way. There isn’t space to list them all. None of us here at the CCPD know the individual impact this year has had on you personally, academically, emotionally, mentally, financially, etc. All we know is that we want to hear you, support you, and meet you where you are. And we want to remind you that we don’t suddenly go away after you graduate. We’d love to see you sooner rather than later, but our services don’t suddenly “expire” once you get your degree. We hope to see you soon.

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