Don’t be the Person Who Throws Away Free Money During a Pandemic

Honestly, is there any better feeling than getting free money?

I’m not talking about the money that you work for and earn with your labor, no, I’m talking about the money that you get for free. Birthday gifts, graduation gifts, or my personal favorite: finding the cash you left in the pockets of clothes.

One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of putting on that old comfortable pair of jeans that you haven’t worn in a while, reaching into the pocket, feeling something papery that you didn’t expect, and pulling out cash.

That feeling of going from confusion to surprise, to euphoria is just the best.

Image of a red money-spewing device.

Back in the before times, when you used to be able to give people hugs, go out to the movies, grab a bite to eat with friends, or just be within 6 feet of other humans without feeling the need to immediately hop into a Purell shower, the CCPD used to have a fund that helped students travel to career-related opportunities.

The Travel Access Fund was created to allow students who needed to travel to say, New York City for an in-person interview but didn’t have ‘travel to New York money’, to receive funding from the CCPD to participate in that opportunity. It was basically a fund of free money sitting around, just waiting for students to claim it. But since the pandemic started and unessential travel is discouraged, the TAF has been sitting largely unused, until now.

In response to the ongoing pandemic and the lack of career-related travel opportunities as a result, the CCPD has decided to temporarily convert the Travel Access Fund into a Graduate School Application Reimbursement Fund. Because even though students are not able to travel as widely as they used to, they are still in need of financial assistance. 

Grad school applications are expensive, especially when you are applying to multiple schools. And with an increasing number of seniors applying to graduate school due to an uncertain job market, the CCPD is looking for new ways to continue to support students financially. The GRF allows students to apply for a reimbursement for applications they submitted. For more information and to apply, you can check the GRF page or email Richard Sylvester @

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